Career Opportunity

Project Manager


Responsible To: General Manager

Responsible For: Ensuring the safe, efficient & profitable execution of all Cullum’s projects & contract operations.

Main Duties

  1. Procure and deliver several projects in a timely manner and meet deadlines.
  2. Manage scope of work of project’s contracts to protect the company’s interests and maintain good relationships with client.
  3. Ensure that the project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule.
  4. Coach/mentor, provide direction, and review the performance of site foreman in collaboration with the General Manager
  5. Monitor and control progress, costs and budgets throughout the project..
  6. Act to resolve disputes between the Cullum & G.C, or Cullum and subcontractors when possible prior to escalating.
  7. Identify optional changes or additional scope of work (for example EFIS, Sprayfoam) in project scope; negotiate change orders with the owner.
  8. Responsible for projects invoicing, change orders and identifying extra work required
  9. Communicating with field supervisors and recommending new methodologies if expected project productivity is not met.
  10. Meets the project’s required performance, schedule and profitability targets. Ensure these targets are met or exceeded based on robust execution of project controls;
  11. Ensure project health, safety and environmental standards meet or exceed legislated requirements and company policy.
  12. Assist General Manager with day-to-day operational management.
  13. Develop, manage and maintain new and existing client, consultant and trade relationships.
  14. Actively pursue and obtain new projects
  15. Monitor status of jobs and make visits to job sites to check on job progress
  16. Provide technical expertise with shop drawing and site inspection.
  17. Prepare and maintain accurate schedules, estimates and budgets for all projects

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